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point. In our example, the vehicle we are using in this "how to" is a RWD (rear-wheel drive) Mazda MX-5 Miata. The factory approved jacking jacking points
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Mazda3 Jacking Points Mazda3 Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain Welcome to the Mazda Forums ( Community! 12"x12" to drive the car onto and one (1) about 5"x5
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[Archive] Jacking points?? 5 Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain Getting ready for a oil change in a few days, where is the best/"correct" jacking point on a Mz5?
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Now jack up the car using the differential base as a central jacking point (Don't forget to put the Mazda hose clamps on the new filter before
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Hi All, if I want to rotate my wheels, what's the best way to jack up my Mazda 5 and place 4 jack stands under the jacking points (so that the entire car is sitting on the jack
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Where is the best lifting point for the MAZDA MVP …
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jacking points 1999 subaru forester . related vehicle 25.2 here one- 7.5 the 20-nov-2003 35.4 4800 and mazda as points 1999 subaru forester nhtsa mazda 2.5 and
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Must be. You can probably get parts from a local junk yard pretty cheap.The water sloshing is probably under the doors. There are drains at the jacking points under the car.Go in
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Expert: Andrew Wallingsford - 5/11/2006 Tire I took my car to is lying about jacking it I called Mazda and they said that is not a jack point and would not be appropriate to
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« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2004, 01:03:44 PM » Does anyone have a handy diagram of the Mazda 3 Sport jacking points? I mean all of the, not just the